Garrison Family Roots

Discovering our ancestors (whether they like it or not)

My 2nd Great Grandparents

Richard Franklin Garrison (1877-1939) and Sarah Agnes Beddow (1879-1925)


Text updated 3 Jul 2015

This is where I'm planning to put all of the genealogical information I have (fingers crossed). I have tried to do this a number of times, but I'm hoping this time, it sticks...

To view information on the people here, you need to be registered. This is purely so that I can make contacts with others researching the same trees. Note that there is no information on living people on this site.

Some people who were obviously born a very long time ago may be marked as living here. This is because the algorithm used to determine living includes anyone without a birthdate (even if they have children born in the 1800s). I do not have the time to go through and manually change these, but it should only impact a small percentage of individuals and also be an extra measure to protect the privacy of living people.

~ Daphne

My Immigrant Ancestors
6.25% came from Wales: 2g grandfather David John Davi(e)s
6.25% came from Germany: 2g grandfather Frederick Goerner/Gainer
87.5% not yet documented

My Great Grandparents

Lloyd Everett Adams (1904-1983) and Elsie Weagant (1911-1999) on their wedding day, 1928